All Kind's of Knitting's Ireland Rugby Hat is adorable for both men and women and I LOVE her pattern!

Shamrock Beanie

Ireland Rugby Hat

These cotton ear phone covers are perfect if your head phones/ear phones have foam that is starting to tear or just isn't comfortable.  They're washable. Yay!  And, they look really cute if you have to wear headphone at your call center job.  People will ask you for them.  I have made several pair and yarn bombed people with them and they LOVE them.  Have fun!

Cotton Ear Phone Covers

This adorable little mouse ears hat will be a family favorite and especially popular for those who love THE mouse.  It's very simple and fun and, like all my hat patterns, knits up quickly.  This one uses basic worsted weight cotton that you can find in any mass retail store or craft shop.  Enjoy!

Mouse Ears Baby Hat Pattern

This is just a pretty little hat and looks even more adorable on your beautiful baby.  It's so sweet, you'll want her to wear it all spring and summer.

This Bulky Baby Bear Ear Flap Hat is easy and quick to knit, as well as adorable.  Adorn it with a little ribbon to give it a feminine quality.  You'll want to craft several of these!

Click Here for Bulky Bear Baby Ear Flap Knit Hat Pattern

This is similar to the Baby Ear Ear Flap Hat in that it is quick to knit.  The ears and flower are crocheted and there is a tiny bit of embroidery to create the face.

Bulky Knit Baby Ear Flap Hat with Crochet Ears and Flowers

This little ear flap hat knits up very quickly. If you want a smaller hat than 2-3T, reduce stitches in groups of 8.

Baby Ear Flap Hat Red White Abstract

You'll want to knit a garden of these Daisies!