Sweaters, Vests

This is my first top down, seamless sweater.  I used to have a favorite Pink and white (with a little blue stripe) tennis sweater that was handed down to me by my sister, Kathy, but as has happened with much of my wardrobe favorites, I outgrew it.  So, I decided to make it, or a close facsimile. It's very comfortable and easy to adjust the deepness of the v-neck.  There are little fake cables on the ribbing on the bottom, sleeves and neckline.

I used Red Heart Eco Cotton, but any yarn with similar gauge will work.  I want to try this again in cotton/silk.  So easy and very fun to make.   I hope you like it.

This is per my post on January 6, 2014.  This Handsome Pewter Vest I found on www.ravelry.com and used Deborah Norville Premier Yarns "Alpaca Dance" in Silver Fog.  Love the tiny cables on the front and the plain back.  I knit both front and back at the same time on one needle to make sure I was knitting them the same, exact length.  It seemed to take a while, but I'm sure that's just because I was knitting both pieces simultaneously.

Such a cute little baby bunting.  This has some great details, other than the cute flowers.  It has mock cable ribbing on the collar, cuffs and bottom, cute knit buttons and it is steeked.  That was a bit of a challenge.  Enjoy the challenge and get a very cute bunting!